Competitively Priced Wheelchair and Industrial Tires

We offer three wheel designs:









The ComTech tire was designed and developed in 1994 as a replacement for the pneumatic tire with a tube.  This tire will give you a smooth ride with extended wear and take away the worry of flat tires.  The life of this ComTech tire in tests have exceeded our expectations in tread wear and ride in all conditions.  Flat-free tires will not roll off!


Standard Design

The standard wheels and tires were developed in 1983 to replace a snap-on-tire.  It has an easier roll on hard surfaces and the tire will not roll off. Flat-free tires will not roll off!


Flat Tread

Our flat tread design was created in 1990 with industry in mind; however, these tires are being used as wheelchair wheels as well as for carts of many types in industry.  Flat free tires will not roll off!


Power Wheelchair Wheels

Soft Roll tires. Flat free Tires will not Roll off.  Feels like a pueumatic!

We developed the comtech2000 soft roll, no flat, wheelchair wheels for the power wheelchair market.  A similar proess using a soft rubber molded fast to the rim so the tires will not roll off.  We sent out the wheelchair wheels for testing and the results were great.  The results, the durability on the market, longest lasting and non-marking.  One of the first to use our power wheelchair wheels was Pride Mobility and Burke Inc.  Most of our power wheelchair wheels are used on the front and rear.


Additional Services:  

  • We will install the bearings you need.
  • We will apply stretch wrap with clear plastic to ensure the tires stay clean until ready for use.
  • We will do sub-assemblies to meet your needs.